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It has been more than 6 months since I started working on EvalAI, one of the GSOC projects of CloudCV, which helps AI researchers, students and data scientists to collaborate and participate in various AI challenges. Over this period of time, the project has evolved beautifully with core contributions from Deshraj, Harsh, Akash, Shiv and Rishabh and me.

My role in EvalAI

It started with a simple contribution from my side. However, I ended up playing multiple crucial and interesting roles while actively participating in designing and developing the whole project, database schema, API design guidelines to follow, project structure, deciding major code and decision flows and writing tests.

Everything happened swiftly and the learning graph was exponential. Things took an interesting turn when I got involved in the code reviewing part. I learned the skill of interacting with contributors, the importance of having tests before merging any piece of code and the significance of good documentation.

A lesson that I learned here was

If something is not clear to the other person even after your explanation, then it is you who needs to work on the concepts of that topic.

Meanwhile, I was learning all this, CloudCV got selected in GSOC again and EvalAI too. And all of a sudden I found myself and Deshraj reviewing a lot of pull requests. I must say that each piece of code that was merged in the master trunk, either taught me something or became a point of my “CHECKLIST BEFORE MERGING ANY PULL REQUEST”. Thanks to all the contributors for giving me such a great experience

Time passed and our project evolved at a great pace. GSOC results were announced and Rishabh Jain was selected for EvalAI this year. I must say, he is really hard working and dedicated; we have high hopes for him!

What’s next?

I feel EvalAI gave me a wonderful experience, that too in a very short span of time. After having worn so many hats, now I feel I should wear the “Community” hat. Helping first-time contributors onboard quickly on the project is what I am looking forward to.

One of the interesting areas that I am actively looking forward to is product design, especially from the frontend perspective. We have an awesome designer Akash Jain, who I feel will be my SPOC for this. A very important thing for which Deshraj and I are really hustling (most of the times figuring out) is setting up organisational values and culture. Being a part of an open source organisation is an amazing thing, but setting up organisational values and guidelines when an organisation is growing is a challenging problem. For this, I feel Harsh, Dhruv and Devi will help us.


To sum up, my experience till now in CloudCV organisation has been really AMAZING. Thanks, CloudCV for such an opportunity and the ongoing learnings. :)

Taranjeet Singh

Taranjeet Singh

Full Stack Engineer, Failed Entrepreneur

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