Hey 👋🏻

Currently working as Senior Product Manager at KhataBook (YC S18), I was the first growth engineering hire. I learned fundamentals of Product - Growth at Reforge 2020.

Previously, I built and scaled a search engine for K12 students, featured at Google IO 2019. I also built and led a popular open source (1K+ stars, 500+ forks on Github) alternative to Kaggle, which is being used by organizations like Stanford, CMU, Google AI Research and FAIR.

I helped develop an educational product for people with Autism, being backed by the New Zealand Government Crown Entity.

I co-authored a chapter on Industrial Applications of NLP in Search for Practical Natural Language Processing. The authors hail from Google AI, Carnegie Mellon, MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research.

I have also tinkered around with entrepreneurial attempts many times. My most recent attempt was in the creator’s space, where I onboarded a youtube creator with 3L subscribers for the product.

In the past, I have worked with high growth startups like Paytm, and large organizations like Open edX, Schneider Electric.

You can reach out to me via Email or Twitter.

PS: I have a detailed version of this about page as well.

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