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I am the first growth engineering hire at KhataBook (YC S18) and learning Growth at Reforge 2020.

I have worked with large organizations including Paytm, Open edX, Schneider Electric and startups like Gradeup and Inclusys.

I successfully ideated, designed and developed products in hyperlocal, ecommerce, foodtech and edtech and onboarded users.

I built and led an open source project (900+ stars, 450+ forks on Github) which is used by organizations like Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Google AI Research, Facebook AI Research. A company is also built around a forked version of it.

I developed ML algorithms for Gradeup School, a search engine for K12 students, featured in Google IO 2019.

Here are some details about my initiatives and experiences

Book Contribution | Open Source Contributions | Entrepreneurial Attempts | Hackathons

Book Contribution

Open Source Contributions

Entrepreneurial Attempts


Organized, Judged and Sponsored Hackathons. They are a way to accelerate learning, increase engagement and build team, improve and benefit society through technology and assess an individual.


I love helping people around the world with whatever best I can. I am open for work opportunities, collaboration on some projects, advice or some tea. Find me via email or Twitter @taranjeet7114.

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